My interest in visuals has been with me my whole life. You could say I was born with a pencil in my hand and drawing and different kinds of crafts are still close to my heart. I study in Tampere University to be a teacher and I am specialising in woodwork.

The first touch to a camera was in the early teenage years. You do not want to see my selfies from those times. Nowadays I am deeply fascinated by the visual aspect of photography. For example I edit the photos so whole-heartedly that my wife often blames me for my visual perfectionism. Actually I am the one in our family who takes more care about the decor of our home. Simply because I love visual harmony.


 I have been married since 2015 to the most beautiful woman in the world. Here we are traveling in the Finnish Archipelago. We are not even engaged yet, look how young we look! My lovely wife Rosanna has been a life-changer. Her abilities to encourage and take care of me are unbelievable. I am quite sure that this whole photographing business would not exist if her support had not been there all the time. She is also the trusted traveling partner of mine and no doubt my best friend. The Faith in God which she shares with me is a tight bond between us and the trust in our young marriage keeps on growing through prayer and all the adventures we have together.


Finland is a true safe heaven and to be born here feels like I’ve won in a lottery. But I have also seen the world away from the North. I have lived both in Egypt and Turkey as a child for a few years and attended international schools in both. Below you can see me exploring the pyramids with my smaller brother and Mickey Mouse. Mice or different cultures do not scare me and I’m as interested in international photography and weddings as I am in the beautiful nature and people here in Finland.


Immediately as I started photographing I had a dream to shoot weddings. I really had not given a deep thought why wedding photography attracted me until one wedding couple asked this question. I sat down and found out that there are few things in weddings that enthrall me.

To begin with, I love long creative processes. A wedding day as a photographer is always such a process. It starts long before the D-day with a lot of brainstorming and continues with lots of footwork during the wedding day (you’ve gotta be fit!) and ends to the long editing process. During the process you have to give absolutely your best and immerse yourself on the work entirely. I enjoy these long processes because after every drop of sweat and tears the only thing you can do is to be pleased with the work of your hands. I catch myself often coming back to the succesful pictures and being complacent every time.

Secondly, I really enjoy the Wedding Day itself. I honestly think that there is no other party than a wedding party. Even Gatsby becomes second. The day is always full of laughter and strong emotions when people that are important to each other gather together. And all the people are always at their beautifulest. The party also keeps surprising me every time as there are as many weddings as there are wedding couples. I have to admit that it is great to be an artist on moments like these. I have very warm memories from my own wedding day and every wedding I have photographed.

As a conclusion, it is a huge honor for me to get to photograph memories this important. I know that there are a lot of things going on during the wedding day and I feel very privileged that someone trusts my vision. The beautiful moments that are turned into pictures have made me addicted to Wedding Photography.